House Rules

DM Fiat

If Renee decides a rule is dumb, she reserves the prerogative as DM to change it in any way she sees fit, at any time, with or without notice, whether or not the rule has been employed differently in the past. Renee is a kind and merciful DM, so this will probably work in the players’ favor on most occasions, within reason.

Tl;dr: My game, my rules; but I’m not a jerk so don’t worry too much about it.

Experience and Progression

I think XP is too much of a headache, so I’ll give out levels arbitrarily at the end of important encounters. [More coming soon.]

Knowledge (Random) INT

[Coming soon]

Hero Points and Cool Points

Hero Points are a very powerful endowment that you will get only once in a very great while. You can spend them to do big huge radically awesome things, such as making all your attacks auto-crit, applying an auto-successful skill check to something it wouldn’t normally work on, or casting a spell that you couldn’t normally cast. You will probably gain some little enhancement or special ability based on your specific usage of a Hero Point. You’ll want to use these wisely, as you can only have a maximum of 2 at any one time. Please roleplay the hell out of these.

Cool Points are arbitrary points that I’ll give out frequently and kind of randomly based on you or your character doing something exceptionally cool. You can spend these kind of like Action Points (from D20 Modern) or Fate Points (from Fate) to do minor cool things, like getting an extra attack in, gaining a small bonus on a check or save, increasing the effectiveness of a spell by a little bit, or doing an especially big attack. The surest way to NOT get Cool Points is to ask for them, but if another player notices that you do something cool enough to be Point-worthy, they should definitely point it out to me if I don’t notice.

All characters will begin play with 0 Hero Points and 0 Cool Points.

House Rules

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